Sony Telepresence

Sony 3D Telepresence – Videoconferencing Redefined 

Sony Telepresence Systems offer a totally new type of videoconferencing experience through a 3-dimensional atmosphere and direct eye contact between interlocutors.
As a result, your video conferences become more versatile and replace increasingly routine meetings and conferences.


The advantages of Sony Video Conference solutions:


Improved Quality for Your Video Conferences

  • Eye contact: Feel as though you are looking each other directly in the eye, rather than looking past the camera, as with many traditional systems.
  • Body language: Larger-than-life 3D projection of the other party lets you see and interpret their body language.  Almost as though you were in a real-life conference, with everybody in the same room.
  • Tighter cooperation: Spontaneous meetings between groups are made simple and cost-effective.



Videokonferenz Raum



Minimize Cost

  • Travel expenses: Reduce individual travel costs by conducting your meetings via video conference.
  • Travel time: Avoid losing productivity to unnecessary travel time.
  • Low maintenence cost: Sony provides free updates and offers a high-performance support package with no additional contracts.


Telepresence System Sony



Protect the environment

  • Travel: Travel is reduced to a minimum. This protects the environment by conserving fossile fules and reducing CO2 emission.