eLink Distribution – Your distributor for video conferencing and Unified Communication

We offer value-added distribution for IT solution providers, AV dealers and system houses to communication and collaboration solutions. By focusing on the areas of video conferencing, unified communications, VoIP hardware, presentation technology, headsets and room booking, we can provide you with targeted support and draw on years of experience from several thousand successful projects. If desired, we can accompany you throughout the entire project – from the initial meeting with your end customer to after-sales support.

That makes us special:

  • Personal and competent advice from our employees
  • Support along the entire project process
  • Focused portfolio with top manufacturers
  • Short response times, flexibility and reliability

We help you and your customers to create the “office of tomorrow”

In the course of technical progress, coupled with ever-increasing digitalization, the way we work is changing almost daily. As a result, many processes are becoming simpler, faster and also more direct, but in some cases also more impersonal and anonymous.

At the same time, the human being is and remains a social being and in the end it always depends on interpersonal contact – communication. Due to factors such as spatial distance, enormous time pressure, the most diverse group constellations, multiple tasks and budgetary aspects, effective communication is all the more important. This is exactly what we focus on.

No matter whether it is the integration of employees in the home office, the linking of team members in decentralized offices or professional partner meetings worldwide – there are effective solutions that help organizations to move their workflow forward.

As different as the needs may be – our solutions are just as comprehensive. Your individual requirements are our mission. We provide you with targeted support for your project. No matter what size, functionality or budget you have, we deliver the perfect communication and collaboration solution.

You ask yourself how all this can be implemented without an internal IT solution? Don’t worry, the installation and day-to-day handling are easier than ever. We are always available to help you choose the solution that makes the most sense for you with our experience and expertise as your contact partner.

We look forward to supporting you in optimizing your communication and collaboration processes!

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