Furniture and design solutions for the integration of audiovisual technologies

High-quality office furniture with an elegant design

The conference room has a central significance within the office environment and must be functional, appealing and comfortable. As the primary location of exchanges and negotiations, this room must be set up, so that it serves your teams as a true source of support and guarantees optimal efficiency.

For the last 10 years, AXEOS has strived to subtly integrate audio-visual and collaborative technologies with high end furniture, especially in its offer “AV/IT furniture”.

Its new range “Connected Conference Space” (CCS) answers to new expectations: sharing ideas to create new ways of knowledge and to innovate. Thanks to the pooling of its resources, AXEOS is able to offer a complete range dedicated to collaboration and technology integration.

AXEOS offers high-end solutions with an attractive and modern design for various use-cases :

  • Video conferencing
  • Digital signage
  • Touchpad solutions
  • Podiums
  • Connected Conference Spaces

So, why should you choose Axeos?

  • Known for its AV/IT expertise with a range of more than 170 standard products
  • Made in France with an integrated manufacturing process
  • Internal design office allowing customisation and custom-made products
  • Thanks to their universal nature, Axeos’ products can be used with any technology from any brand
  • Through a design-oriented mindset, Axeos does focus on aesthetics and product-quality
  • Global logistics and deployment – hand in hand with eLink Distribution

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