Work more effectively thanks to interoperability:
As you like, wherever you like

Leading provider of interoperable video conferencing and interactive events

BlueJeans has made it its business to address one of the core challenges in the Unified Communication environment: Interoperability.

BlueJeans is the leading market provider for the realization of cross-platform video and audio conferences. The number of video communication solutions is constantly growing and the user is offered an ever larger selection of tools for interactive meetings. BlueJeans enables more productive online meetings by giving every employee the ability to start conference calls with a collaboration tool of their choice.

BlueJeans products are simple, modern and reliable and create a platform for the modern working world. The portfolio essentially comprises four product segments: Meetings, events, rooms and gateway for Microsoft Teams.


“BlueJeans Meetings” is the core component of the BlueJeans cloud architecture. BlueJeans enables the interconnection of various communication channels in virtual conferences and thus offers effective collaboration regardless of location and device.

This provides end-to-end integration with popular applications such as Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business, as well as compatibility with Dolby, Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom, and other H.323 and SIP-based room systems. In addition, recording, streaming and screen sharing are fast and easy.


BlueJeans Events enables hosting and management of large interactive events and webinars for a worldwide audience of up to 15,000 participants. It combines video conferencing, content sharing and live streaming into a single service. “Meetings” and “events” merge in BlueJeans and can also be used in combination to ensure optimal exchange between the participants.


“BlueJeans Rooms” offers the opportunity to transform traditional meeting rooms into modern, user-friendly video conference rooms. “BlueJeans Rooms” can either be used as a complete solution or individually integrated into existing room systems. “Blue Jeans Rooms” enables simple and flexible setup and configuration as well as central management of various conference rooms.

Gateway for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest growing solutions in the Unified Communications environment. The solution offers seamless integration with daily tools, but does not include interoperability with traditional video communications solutions. BlueJeans provides a solution that allows users to maintain their familiar workflows while maintaining full BlueJeans interoperability.

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