Digital Collaboration

The digital collaboration of teams requires novel tools and solutions that support employee communication regardless of distance or time differences. The more team members work together on a project, the more important is good coordination and communication.

Innovative collaboration concepts enable your employees and customers to use the system in a personalized way, revolutionizing collaboration in conference and meeting rooms.

A special form of collaboration is the so-called telepresence, which comes very close to a real meeting and surpasses video or telephone conference technology in this respect. Telepresence is a combination of room design and technology. Everything is perfectly coordinated to enable immersive collaboration. In addition to the high-quality transmission of video and sound, another core function of telepresence is the dynamic sharing and editing of content.

Our partners for Unified Communication:

Digitale Zusammenarbeit

DTEN D7 & DTEN ON – digital Whiteboards for Zoom

These all-in-one solutions combine the power of interactive whiteboards with the software-based video conference room solution Zoom Rooms to create a digital whiteboard for Zoom. Thanks to the pre-installed Zoom software, participation in meetings is intuitive. The DTEN whiteboards provide users with high quality video conferencing in 4K quality and at the same time allow collaborative editing of content on the interactive touch display. On the digital whiteboard, content can be shared, created, edited and sent.

Huddly Canvas_Whiteboarding

Huddly Canvas – the smart whiteboard camera

The Huddly Canvas is a smart camera that facilitates the use of whiteboards in video conferences. With the help of a whiteboard, ideas can be developed together and problems can be solved. This camera makes the intuitive tool available to remote teams and revolutionizes digital collaboration. The Huddly Canvas is recognized as a whiteboard camera in teams and zoom rooms, so the whiteboard can be used quickly during team meetings. The AI function of the camera improves the whiteboard image. Disturbing elements such as shadows, shine or other people are faded out of the image, while the colors of the markers are intensified. This makes it easier for absent participants to read the content on the whiteboard, contribute their ideas and fully participate in the conversation.

Lifesize Kaptivo - the digital whiteboard camera system

Lifesize Kaptivo is a digital whiteboard camera system and turns any whiteboard into an intelligent digital collaboration tool. Whiteboard content can be shared, modified and stored. Written content is captured in real time and when connected to Lifesize Share, it is automatically sent to meeting participants in remote locations. Share your content live not only in conjunction with Lifesize Share, but also through third-party systems and platforms or your web browser or through Zoom, Cisco and other vendors.

Lifesize Kaptivo Meeting
Polycom Pano

Poly Pano – wireless content sharing with Poly

Poly Pano enables efficient work through a fast connection and easiest digital content sharing. It offers up to four participants at the same time the possibility of sharing contents. Content sharing is possible via Miracast, Airplay or the Poly Pano app and is therefore intuitive and fast. Of particular interest is the compatibility with interactive touch displays, which allows content to be edited directly on the screen and notes to be shared and saved via the whiteboard.

Yealink CTP20 Touch Panel - Digital whiteboarding with Yealink devices

With the Yealink CTP20 Touch Panel in combination with the Yealink video conferencing systems, the user can use the whiteboarding function. This interactive screen allows participants to make handwritten sketches or notes during the video conference and share and collaborate on them.

Yealink Whiteboarding

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