All-in-One Videoconference
Designed für Zoom


DTEN offers an all-in-one room solution with interactive whiteboarding. The special thing: The electronic whiteboards are optimised for zoom rooms. Thanks to the pre-installed Zoom-for-Whiteboards software, the setup of the displays is super easy and Zoom Rooms video conferences can be implemented in any size of meeting room.

Interactive whiteboards especially for Zoom

DTEN combines the power of interactive whiteboards with the software-based video conference room solution Zoom Rooms. The DTEN D7 whiteboards offer Zoom users high quality video conferencing and at the same time allow them to edit materials together on the touch screen. Thanks to the pre-installed Zoom for Whiteboards software, users can intuitively participate in zoom meetings via the D7 boards with just a single touch on the highly sensitive whiteboards.

All-in-one solution, zoom integration

4K wide-angle camera, 16 array microphones

Plug and Play, quick and easy installation


DTEN D7 – The All-in-One solution in multiple size variations

The DTEN D7 is an award-winning plug-and-play video conferencing solution for unique collaboration. The DTEN D7 whiteboards are available in different sizes. You can choose between the 55″ and 75″ version. The 55″ board is also available as a dual version or with a rolling stand.

More information about the individual products:

DTEN ME – Zoom Personal Collaboration Device

The DTEN ME is the native zoom solution for your own workplace. With the help of the zoom-certified all-in-one solution, it is now very easy to participate in zoom video and audio conferences from the home office.

Key features:

  • All in One solution for the workplace – Zoom Rooms software built-in
  • Easy to set up. Easy to use. Easy to manage
  • Super thin & portable LED 27 “Multitouch Display
  • Intelligent camera array of 3 cameras + microphone array of 8 elements + stereo speakers
DTENME auf dem Schreibtisch

DTEN Go and DTEN Mate

DTEN Go & Mate is a zoom-certified plug & play solution and is suitable for the smallest to the largest meeting rooms. With this comprehensive flexibility, DTEN enables full-fledged zoom conferences in any meeting room without the need for additional hardware. All you need is an HDMI input on the display, a network connection and a power connection.

The DTEN Go together with the DTEN Mate is simple, reliable and “Plug & Play Ready” – bring zoom meetings to any meeting room now.