Implementation Services

Our certified installation team can assist you, in case you want to take the strain off your team or concentrate your expertise on other fields of action. We give your client a good impression, making sure that he is provided with the best solution and able to operate eficiently after the implementation.

The intital contact of admins and end users with the product plays a decisive role for the sustainable success of the project and  for customer satisfaction. Thus, a perfect installation is as important as introducing the product to both target groups .

Due to our specific product focus and the resulting know-how, we can offer extensive installation services regarding different unified communications and video conferencing scenarios. In addition trainings for admins and end users are part of our service portfolio.

The advantages for our customers are obvious:

  • smooth installation by our skilled and expierenced team
  • no need for own installation team
  • you can totally focus on sales

Implementation Services Onsite

Analysis, assessment and definition of the implementation requirements
Including expenses for travelling and accomodation
Implementation of hardware, software and further media technology
Short introduction for users and admins
Certification of installed units
Documentation for the end user

Implementation Services Remote

Analysis, assessment and defination of implementation requirements
Installation and configuration of software or hardware
Short introduction for users and admins
Certification of installed systems
Documentation for the end user

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