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Intelligent space and workplace management

In modern offices with shared desks and flexible use of space, it is often difficult for employees to get a free desk or meeting room.  Office managers find it difficult to plan and monitor office space to meet the needs of a growing number of flexible employees. GoBright offers a completely new approach to solving these problems: With GoBright, users can easily book rooms online – whether it’s a desk or a meeting room. If they don’t need it, they can just as easily cancel it and release it for other employees. GoBright promotes efficient room usage with three different concepts for meeting, work and visit management integrated into a single platform.


The GoBright room booking solution effectively helps you to optimally use all rooms. Searching for a room, unnecessary empty rooms, interruptions during a meeting or double bookings can now become a thing of the past thanks to GoBright Meet. Thanks to the centralized booking system, room availability can be easily checked online and room bookings can be made within seconds. Thanks to real-time transmission, cancellations and changes are possible even at the last minute and all rooms can be used efficiently at any time.


With online desk selection, users can book a free desk online and thus save themselves the annoying search for a workplace after arriving at the office. It is even possible to save personal sitting and standing heights so that the desk automatically adapts to the employee’s preferences. GoBright Work makes it easier for both users and facility managers to use the workplace. Thanks to a comprehensive platform, central planning and management of all workstations is possible at any time.


With GoBrigt Visit you can create a great experience for your visitors and save them annoying waiting times. GoBright digital self-registration provides a professional and modern way to receive visitors so receptionists can continue to focus on their core responsibilities. It is also an ideal tool for unmanned receptions. Visitors can check in themselves and automatically receive a badge to enter the building. At the same time, the host receives an SMS and e-mail notification after registration to receive the guest. In addition, the organisation also directly complies with the EU’s GDPR requirements for visitor registration.

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