Like a camera –
only smarter.


Huddly was founded in 2013 in Norway and develops hardware, software and artificial intelligence for innovative products around premium video conferencing experiences.

Huddly’s goal is to bring artificial intelligence into the conference room. Thanks to the latest processor technology – a so-called Neural Engine – Huddly cameras can see, understand and react to their environment in real time. This automates the user experience in an intelligent way and eliminates the need to use the remote control. High-quality analysis data, accessible via the Huddly InSights API, provides organizations with critical insights into the use of their conference rooms.

Huddly products are intelligent, flexible, and easy to use. And while most technologies quickly become obsolete, they always stay up to date. With the Huddly app, users receive regular software upgrades that add exciting new features to the camera.

Huddly cameras – AI for the conference room

Huddly cameras understand what you see and respond to your environment in real time. “Genius Framing” recognizes the people in the image and automatically selects a suitable image section – without a user having to reach for the remote control. The Huddly API also provides real-time access to a wide range of analysis data for applications of all kinds.

Huddly Kamera in einem Huddleroom Szenario

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