Working without limitation

Work without limitation – everywhere and at any time

LogMeIn provides reliable remote access and support solutions for today’s businesses – enabling you to be productive anytime, anywhere. With a platform that counts tens of millions of users every day and more than one billion customer interactions and 20 billion voice minutes annually, LogMeIn is the choice of businesses of all sizes that want to communicate with customers in a compelling way. LogMeIn’s product portfolio includes solutions for digital communication and collaboration as well as for internal IT and customer support.

Communication and Collaboration

LogMeIn’s communication and collaboration products enable you to connect with colleagues or customers quickly and professionally – regardless of city, country or continent.

All-in-one communication – GoToConnect combines the Jive phone system with GoToMeeting’s web, phone and video conferencing

The online meeting software creates fast, easy and reliable video meetings – for collaboration over any device and anywhere.

The market leader for webinars where you can interact with participants at any time.

Simple, intuitive and fast conference room hardware combined with easy-to-use video conferencing software.

Achieve better training and learning success with this online training software – e.g. thanks to screen transmission, collaboration tools and recordings.

Easy-to-use teleconferencing technology that’s easy to use – even on the road.

Online meeting app that makes it easy to collaborate productively and in real time with geographically dispersed teams, customers or remote workers and suppliers.

IT Access and Security

LogMeIn products set new standards for easy and secure access to apps, devices and data. They provide flexible remote control and management and are redefining access in the cloud-based world by putting users first, not their devices.

Flexible, location-independent access to your devices, files and applications at any time.

Minimize the risk of cyber attacks and solve problems proactively by performing IT tasks remotely.

Centralized availability of your passwords on all devices through the secure password manager.

Instant remote access from any location and with any device.

Customer Dialogue and Support

LogMeIn products for customer dialogue and support offer unmatched flexibility and security. They help you resolve issues while delivering a better customer experience, whether you are a startup or a large corporation.

Remote support for PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices – so you can resolve issues seamlessly and securely.

Web-based support for customers, end users, or unattended computers and servers – so you can resolve technical issues anytime, anywhere.

Live chat and AI-supported customer communication – dialogue-oriented chat bots and virtual assistants open up new communication possibilities.

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