Marketing Support

Collective growth by clever marketing

It is a constant challenge to generate new business. By supporting your marketing campaigns eLink Distribution offers a wide array of options to gain new customers. In doing so we put a special focus on lead-generation.

A matter of heart and mind – We assist our partners within the scope of current and forward planning. The implementation with attention to detail ensures the high quality standards and continuous improvement of our measures.


Online presence

The vast majority of decision-makers uses the internet to get information on solutions and potential suppliers. Therefore, a professional and modern online presence is crucial for the success of every enterprise. Maintain your website relevant and build trust by using partner logos. This underlines your competence and sets you apart from other competitors.

We provide you with current material and can convey and forward you to skilled experts for online marketing and SEO.


Due to personalised URL (PURL) we can provide your customers with free Lifesize Cloud test auccounts. Make use of your individual URL whenever you get in contact with potential customers: e-mail signature, website and newsletter. You will be informed of subscriptions and enabled to use the Lifesize partner portal. We are by your side if you wish to have joint customer meetings or test and demonstrations.


Lead generation and qualification

Telesales is a complex and cost-intensive endeavour. In many cases specialised agencies are not able to generate qualified leads.

Our in-house sales team supports your outbound acitivities effectively. The staff received special training on the issue video conferencing and is instructed to call according to your guidelines. Thereby we ensure the high quality of our telesales campaigns and leave your clientes with a favourable impression of your company. Book our team for appointments, event management or the activation of existing clients.


Defining campaign objective and target groups, identifying address data


Calls after an comprehensive briefing within a predefined time slot, Anrufe nach ausführlichem Briefing in vorgegebenem Zeitfenster, handover of qualified leads


Transfer of complete deliverables on acustomer base, including evaluation, debriefing of the campaign and control of success

Event management

“what can be measured can be managed”

We assist you in the preparation and execution of events for end customers, regardless of whether you host a product demonstration, an in-house fair or a business lunch. We also sponsor regional trade fairs through personnel and financial support.

Moreover, we can provide you with suitable premises in Hamburg, Vienna, Zurich and Istanbul. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Event planning

Defining target groups, coordinating the invitation process, timely planning of resources (Demo gear, staff)

Event execution

Covering and forwarding the lead

Event follow-up

Debriefing and qualified conclusion (revenue)

Newsletter service

We do it for you!

eLink partners are granted with free access to the professional e-mail marketing suite, which covers the following services:

  • Free account
  • Installation of HTML newsletter-templates in our CI
  • We assist you in the execution of the newsletter
  • Technical support regarding the traqnsfer of customer addresses
  • Supporting the content developement
  • Distribution
  • Reporting

Upon request, we stage your account completely. The entire data and templates are always within your possession. This service is free of charge, if it is tied to a  planned joint action.