Next Business Day Pre-exchange

• Shipping of a replacement system within 24 hours
• Commissioning support for the replacement unit
• Collection and RMA processing of defective devices

Protect your customers against the failure of defective equipment!

With all the benefits and possibilities that our modern video conferencing and unified communication solutions offer your customers, a failure of these systems often means losses and complications for the end user. Although manufacturers will of course repair or, if necessary, replace malfunctioning equipment as part of the warranty, this process often takes several days or even weeks. Time in which your customers would normally have to do without their video conferencing systems or resort to outdated systems.

But with our Next Business Day advance replacement service, you can easily protect your customers against such long periods of conferencing system downtime. When the defective device is sent to us, we send your customers a pre-configured replacement device on the same business day, so that your customers can continue working with familiar technology on the very next business day and the downtime is reduced to a minimum. This replacement device is available to your customers for the entire duration of a replacement by the manufacturer.

In addition, we carry out a fault analysis on the defective device and take care of the RMA process with the manufacturer for you in the background. As soon as this process is completed and your customer’s device is either repaired or the manufacturer has replaced the defective product, we also take care of the return exchange process following RMA processing with the manufacturer. This way, we ensure that your customers are well taken care of throughout the entire process. The replacement device provided by us does not have to be returned to us until the device has been received by your customers from the manufacturer.

We offer this service for all manufacturers in our portfolio. On request, we can also realize individual solutions for every customer need.

Next Business Day Pre-exchange includes

Fault analysis
Shipping of a pre-configured replacement unit on the same business day
RMA processing with the manufacturer in the background
Supervision of the return process after RMA settlement with the manufacturer