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Nureva’s expertise is making audio easy. They know customers want tools that just let them get down to work –no hassles, no drama, no user manual. So,they’ve developed simple audioconferencing solutions that help businesses and other organizations around the world think bigger.

Microphone™ Mist Technology

Revolutionary for a reason
Conference call technology was stuck –leaving frustrated users hoping for the kind of tech leap that has transformed so many other sectors. Microphone Mist technology makes that leap. It fills a room with virtual microphones so everyone can be heard everywhere in a space and remote callers feel like they’re in the room with the team. The revolution is here. And it sounds amazing.

Thousands of virtual microphones
Microphone Mist technology fills a space with thousands of virtual microphones(individual “pickup points”). No matter where meeting participants move in the room orwhich direction they face, a virtual mic is always close by. There are no dead zones. And thanks to advanced processing power, Microphone Mist technology listens to each virtual microphone simultaneously and zeros in on the predominant sounds, optimizing them for clear conversations so remote team members feel like they’re in the room.

HDL300 – Just right for mid-size spaces

Trust the HDL300 system to deliver the best in audio performance for your small to mid-sized spaces. Microphone Mist™ technology fills a room with 8.192 virtual microphones, so you can be heard anywhere.Seated, standing or walking around –no restrictions mean that your teams work the way that best suits them and their tasks. Itinstalls on the wall in minutes for a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. And its plug-and-play connectivity and autocalibration mean that setup is simple.

HDL200 – Engineered for small spaces

The HDL200 system was designed for simplicity.Plug-and-play connectivity to virtually all UC&C platforms means there are no drivers to install and the system autocalibrates, so no technician is needed for set up. The HDL200 can be installed in a variety of configurations, including on the wall (aboveor below a display), or even mounted to a mobile display stand. Microphone Mist™ technology fills a room with 4.096 virtual microphones for true full-room pickup.

Dual HDL300 – For all kinds of large spaces

With 16,384 virtual microphones and precision speakers, the Dual HDL300 provides true full-room pickup and covers all your audio needs for large meeting rooms, flex spaces, classrooms and more up to9.1 x 15.2 m.Ithas the key audio-conferencingsystem elements in two integrated wall-mounted units. You get the audio performance you need without desktop clutter or an expensive installation.

Nureva Console – Be in control from anywhere

The Nureva Console is a cloud-based platform that offers enterprise-wide scalability – compatible with Mac and Windows systems. By centrally controlling all Nureva audio conferencing systems within an organization, IT saves an enormous amount of time. Each Nureva audio system can be registered, configured and maintained from a single dashboard – whether there are 1 systems or 1,000. The HDL systems are constantly being developed. Nureva Console helps to keep the systems up to date in terms of features and firmware.

Why Nureva Audio?

  • Outstanding audio pick-up – hassle-free and productive meetings are now possible.
  • Easy Setup – Easy installation, continuous auto-calibration and less troubleshooting
  • Easily scalable – Different models for different room sizes
  • Extensive interoperability – Leading web conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco WebEx are supported
  • More freedom of movement – thanks to Microphone Mist™ Technology every voice in the room becomes audible
  • Adapts to any room – without much effort or the need for trained technicians

Book a Live Demo

It takes only 15 minutes to hear the quality of the audio pickup from Nureva Audiosysteme. An online live demo is the only true test of an audio conference system. Book today!

Select your HDL model to book a personal remote demo with one of Nureva’s audio conferencing specialists. You will understand what audio pick-up means in the entire room and we will answer all your questions.

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