About ProDVX

ProDVX provides high quality, state-of-the-art Android and Intel SOC displays, touchscreens and related accessories for numerous markets and applications, such as digital signage, interactive digital signage, office automation, room booking) and home automation.

The company is based in Den Bosch (The Netherlands) and a subsidiary in Taipei (Taiwan). The ProDVX brand was founded in 2004 and has been operating as an independent company since 2011.

Your advantages

ProDVX products are known worldwide for their reliability, affordability and ease of use. Through constant research and development, ProDVX offers the latest cutting-edge technology to deliver the best customer experience.

ProDVX keeps extending and updating their product line with additional sizes and additional features. The devices are made of durable materials and built specifically for commercial (24/7) use to meet challenges that occur in commercial environments.

Integrated Displays

The product range of ProDVX consists of a wide variety of displays and sizes, from 7 inch up to 32 inch. (24/7) use.  The Integrated Android and Intel based SOC Touch Displays by ProDVX are professionally designed and manufactured All-in-One Touch Displays. Besides Integrated Android and Intel displays, ProDVX also supplies integrated signage displays, touchscreens and BOX PC’s.

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