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Reliable solutions for audio, video and conference technology as well as digital signal processing


Integrate cameras with VC codecs up to 100m apart

Sound Control Technologies is the industry leader for camera integration solutions and has provided successful conference and video reinforcement integrations for thousands of customers worldwide.

Sound Control Technologies’ kits deliver power, RS232 or Ethernet control, IR and video over single or dual CAT5e or CAT6 cabling up to 100m, supports all analogue and digital high-definition PTZ camera solutions from all leading video-conference vendors.

Sound Control Technologies Prozess

SCT best-selling products

RC4-E4PTM forPoly

  • For Poly EagleEye Producer & EagleEye IV Camera Power
  • Digital Video up to 1080p60
  • RS232 Control
  • Wired and modulated IR
Sound Control Technologies Poly

RC5-P60TM for Cisco

  • For the Cisco PresenterTrack, Precision 60 camera, MX800/MX700/Room 55/Room 55 Dual/Room 70 Endpoints & SX80, Codec Plus & Codec Pro codec
  • Digital Video up to 1080p60 with Power & Ethernet Control;
  • Ethernet Streaming Video Support on Applicable cameras
Sound Control Technologies Cisco

SCT’s manufactured range of purpose engineered mounting accessories

Sound Control Technologies’ on wall, recessed, and ceiling mounts are all designed to minimize their appearance, leaving only the camera visible whenever possible. Laser cut to contour the base of the camera; our mounts provide the cleanest mounting solution available in the industry. They’re uniquely simple and clean mounting solutions for the camera module provides cable management and ease of installation.

  • RCM™ Series Wall Mounts
  • RCR™ Series Recessed Wall Mounts
  • RCT™ Series T-Bar Ceiling Mounts
  • RCS™ Series Sheetrock Ceiling Mounts
  • Rack Shelves

For all leading video conferencing manufacturers

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