The ultimate conferencing experience for poly meeting rooms

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Intelligently designed, reliable conference room systems, superior video conferencing and secure messaging.

Starleaf connects people for better collaboration – wherever they are. And it’s secure, reliable, and intuitively simple. The StarLeaf app features high security and DSGVO compliance, as well as ease of use and reliability. It works anywhere and on any device, so employees can collaborate, share files, and discuss important topics via messages, calls, or in meetings, both in the office and on the go. In addition, the app is compatible with all video meeting providers and integrates with existing tools and technologies.

Starleaf Room for Poly creates the ultimate conferencing experience for your Poly meeting rooms

With Starleaf Room for Poly, you combine the innovative Starleaf video conferencing software with Poly’s world-class hardware – a winning formula for high-quality, feature-rich video meetings. Together with a Poly TC8 Touch Control, Starleaf Room for Poly is compatible with various Poly devices. As a result, Starleaf provides high-quality, feature-rich video conferencing for meeting rooms of all sizes.

Compatible Poly hardware:

Poly TC8 Touch Control           Poly Studio X30

Poly Studio X50                         Poly G7500

Starleaf Videokonferenz mit Poly Hardware

Advantages of Starleaf Room for Poly

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Starleaf platform support

StarLeaf Room for Poly meeting rooms can be managed through a powerful and user-friendly management portal. In addition, Starleaf has ISO/IEC 27001 certification, data sovereignty and a service availability guarantee.

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Intuitiv & Einfach

Users can see upcoming meetings and join them immediately. There is also access to advanced StarLeaf features such as call control and attendee management.

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Join any meeting

Any laptop can be connected to StarLeaf Room for Poly. So it is possible to use the room’s technology with any meeting app installed and run all meetings in Poly meeting rooms.

Room connection for poly and H.323 terminals

StarLeaf Room for Poly provides secure, reliable and easy StarLeaf meetings on the latest Poly room systems. It allows you to use all the features of the StarLeaf platform via the Poly endpoints. It is operated intuitively via the Poly TC8 touch control. In addition, the Starleaf Room Subscription can also be purchased for H.323/SIP video endpoints from other third-party providers.

The Room Subscriptions are available as Pro, Business and Enterprise licenses with different feature sets and durations.

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Starleaf auf Poly

Starleaf Host Plans

With the Starleaf subscription, meetings with up to 100 participants can be scheduled and conducted without time limits. Meetings can be attended via H.323/SIP or local PSTN dial-in. There is also integration with MS Teams and compatibility with StarLeaf and H.323/SIP hardware room systems.

Thanks to calendar integration, meeting appointments can be accessed directly. Analysis is also intuitive and clear thanks to a central dashboard. From 100 host licenses, additional support, advice from a customer success manager and regular business meetings are included. In addition to name and active host plans, the host plans are also available as enterprise wide licenses.

Starleaf App

The StarLeaf app is secure, easy to use and reliable for messaging, meetings and calls. It works anywhere and on any device, so users can collaborate, share files, and discuss important matters both in the office and on the go. Plus, the app is fully compatible with any third-party video calling system.

Handy & Tablet mit Starleaf App