Education Services

• User and/or admin training
• Individual coordination of training content
• Training materials in digital form

We aim to provide you with holistic support in all matters relating to video conferencing and unified communications. Our training courses focus on different topics in order to meet the needs of both sales and marketing target groups. In addition, we offer manufacturer certifications.

In a relaxed atmosphere, our qualified training staff imparts important additional knowledge to your employees with direct reference to your daily business.

Whether it is a video conferencing solution or a room booking system, when new technology is to be effectively integrated into a company, it is important to involve all employees and ensure that everyone is able to use the new systems. To make sure that everything runs smoothly in your company, we offer user training courses in which we explain to your employees everything they need to know about the products.

Even if you have an in-house IT support team that manages the newly acquired technology and explains the application to the rest of your staff, your IT professionals need to be trained on the new systems. For this purpose, we offer IT support training courses that are based on the knowledge level of specialists and provide the necessary know-how for administrators.

We always work closely with our partners when compiling topics and training content to ensure our training is relevant, up-to-date and tailored to their needs. Our quality assurance and incorporation of participant feedback help us to achieve this goal and deliver the best service.

Of course, we also make our training materials, such as presentations or handouts, available to participants digitally so that they can refresh what they have learned in our training courses at any time. This way, training participants can look things up as needed or pass on their newly acquired knowledge to colleagues.

Plus, there are no additional costs for travel or overnight stays when our employees come to you for training.

Unser Trainingsangebot umfasst:

User training for all disciplines
Administrator and IT support training

Our training service includes:

Coordination with end customer and resellers on training content
Digital training material
No additional costs for travel and accommodation for on-site trainings