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Cloud or On-Premise Solutions

Communication by voice, video and text, on any device and at any location – long since a standard in modern business communication. We are your consultant when it comes to Unified Communications solutions for your company or your customers. Together with our solution partners and local specialists, we offer you a comprehensive range of cloud and on-premise solutions.

Our partners for Unified Communication:

Working in office

Cloud vs. On-Premise – The question of suitable server solutions

In addition to the decision for the concrete collaboration solution, the question of a suitable server solution arises. This question depends on your individual needs and the available resources.

Cloud solutions are based on the “Software-as-a-Service” principle, whereby all data is stored on external servers. They offer a powerful infrastructure and make the operation of your own IT infrastructure unnecessary. At the same time, they reduce ongoing IT expenditure and allow maximum flexibility. Participation is possible via a wide variety of end devices or operating systems, and video conferencing hardware is not absolutely necessary. Content can be streamed and telephone calls can be recorded. Only the services used are paid for, scaling is possible at short notice.

In contrast, On-Premise is the solution for those who need more control over their IT infrastructure. This provides direct access to all resources as well as significantly more options for personalization. Security and service quality are in your control, data does not get out. However, this solution is usually more expensive and complex in the initial stages, since your own servers and hardware have to be purchased first, then maintained and managed by IT specialists and data backed up.

Lifesize Cloud

The Lifesize Cloud is a platform for video communication where users can connect to different end devices over a cloud infrastructure. The digital communication can take place via the registered video conferencing system, the browser-based web version or a cross-platform app. In addition to videoconferencing, shared communication also takes place via shared address book access and data exchange, among other things. The Lifesize Cloud can be used from anywhere in the world and convinces with the highest cloud security standards and a very low risk of failure.

CxEngage Video Call Center

Yealink Meeting

The global cloud architecture Yealink Meeting enables communication via video and audio conferencing from a variety of end devices. It features high-level security, AI features such as Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking, and seamless integration with Yealink endpoints. Different subscriptions with different user numbers and features can be purchased, which can be additionally extended by various add-ons.

Yealink meeting features

BlueJeans Meetings & Events

BlueJeans Meetings enables the interconnection of different communication channels in virtual conferences, enabling effective collaboration regardless of location or device. BlueJeans Evens provides a platform for digital events with up to 15,000 participants. Participants can be assigned different roles such as moderator or presenter to ensure orderly communication. Parallel to this, communication can also take place via the chat function, either in the visible chat room or by direct messages. These two tools can also be combined to further improve digital communication between participants.

Pexip Videosubscription

The Pexip videoconferencing platform enables secure participation in meetings with any device. Pexip is characterized by high audio and video quality and extensive compatibility with tools and systems. High security standards are also maintained.


GoTo Collaboration Suite

The GoTo solutions offer versatile and secure collaboration solutions. The products for digital communication and collaboration enable a fast and professional connection to colleagues or customers – regardless of city, country or continent. With GoToMeeting, reliable video meetings can be held quickly and easily. GoToWebinar enables interactive webinars and with GoToTraining, online training courses can be held with comprehensive training. With GoToRoom you get the GoToSoftware combined with Poly Hardware as a complete package for the video conference room.

Poly Hardware

Solutions for On-Premise

Poly Real Presence Clarity

This platform is a software infrastructure suitable for companies of all sizes. The Real Presence Clariti enables digital communication via Full HD video, content sharing, audio and web content. Virtual meeting rooms can also be created and any device can be connected. Skype for Business is also integrated. This network for digital communication can be managed centrally. In addition, the transitions to the public network are secured with effective firewall traversals, thus enabling communication with external groups.

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