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In the course of technical progress, coupled with ever-increasing digitalization, the way we work is changing almost daily. As a result, many processes are becoming simpler, faster and also more direct, but in some cases also more impersonal and anonymous. Through remote work, home office or global teams, direct communication is often not possible. Video conferencing and modern communication solutions nevertheless help to enable personal collaboration. We are happy to advise you individually according to your requirements and find the optimal solution together with you.

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Different room sizes and scenarios require different solutions

The most diverse locations bring with them their very own requirements for equipment and infrastructure. As different as the needs may be – our solutions are just as comprehensive. Individual requirements are our mission. We offer solutions for the most diverse room sizes and scenarios. Just contact us.

Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms are small meeting rooms and currently the most common type of office space. Groups of about two to four people meet here, sometimes in a very confined space. The components used must therefore be particularly well thought out and optimally coordinated. This makes video conferences or small meetings possible and successful. In these meetings, content can be shared by different end devices – wirelessly, of course, and without the usual tangle of cables.

Particularly suitable are for example:


Small Conference Rooms

Small conference rooms are designed for meetings with about three to six people. Since these rooms are usually not exclusively used for video conferences, there is often the demand to keep the equipment compact and efficient. Functionality is always in the foreground: intuitive operation, optimal adaptability to the meeting room as well as the sharing of content of any kind are essential.

Particularly suitable are for example: 

Medium-sized Conference Rooms

As the number of people and the size of the room increases, so do the demands on performance and integration. Our solutions for medium-sized conference rooms are designed to enable professional cross-location meetings that come close to a physical meeting of meeting participants thanks to high-quality audio, video and content.

Particularly suitable are for example:


Large Conference Rooms

Large conference rooms serve a wide variety of usage scenarios. The combination of technology, furniture and equipment can be tailored to the desired use or effect in each scenario. Highest demands require especially proven systems that have been developed for demanding environments and are correspondingly reliable.

Particularly suitable are for example: 

Telepresence Rooms

Telepresence as a form of collaboration creates a meeting atmosphere that is very close to the real, physical encounter. Telepresence is a combination of technology and interior design. Furniture, lighting and perfectly tuned acoustics enable immersive collaboration. The entire interior design comes from one source. In addition to the high-quality transmission of video and sound, the dynamic sharing and editing of content is another core function. Telepresence systems can be configured in different configurations, depending on the desired range of functions, spatiality and number of participants.

Particularly suitable for example is:

  • Poly RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex

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