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Leading provider of innovative voice and video terminals

Yealink is one of the world’s leading providers in Unified Communication (UC) terminals and helps companies of all sizes to discover the effect of simple, direct communication. Yealink’s all-in-one solutions unite audio, video and data-sharing in order to meet the demands of just about any customer or situation. Yealink’s comprehensive portfolio includes video conferencing systems, conference telephones, IP desk telephones, wireless DECT telephones and accessories. Furthermore, Yealink provides an own, globale cloud infrastructure called Yealink Meeting.

Videoconferencing systems

Yealink offers high-quality and cost-efficient video conferencing solutions for every room size and different application scenarios. Whether at the workplace, in the home office, small conference room or in spacious meeting rooms – with the MVC series and the VC series as well as with the new Meeting Eye, Yealink offers solutions for all these applications and convinces with its comprehensive interoperability.

Product highlights: Meeting Eye 400 and 600, VC-Serie, MVC-Serie for MS Teams, VC210, BYOD and much more

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Yealink VC800
Yealink MVC500
Yealink VC210
Yealink CP960
Yealink CP900
Yealink VP59
Yealink T55A
Yealink T58A
Yealink W60p

Telephone- and Audiosolutions

Yealink is one of the world’s leading providers of IP-based telephones and conferencing solutions. Consistent integration with the leading providers of audio platforms and products such as Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business, coupled with an unbeatable price/performance ratio, characterize Yealink products.

Product highlights: CP960, VP59, T58A, T55A, T48S, W60P, CP900 and much more

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Cloud Infrastructure

Yealink Meeting is a global cloud architecture and ensures collaboration and video conferencing worldwide. It features high-level security, which ensures data protection and privacy. AI features such as Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking ensure a smooth conferencing experience. The seamless integration of Yealink Meeting with Yealink endpoints provides a comprehensive solution for 4K video conferencing.

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