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We provide comprehensive Zoom solutions and not only offer you the Zoom Rooms software, but also equip you directly with the appropriate Zoom-certified hardware.

Would you like to equip your company or that of a customer with Zoom compatible hardware? 

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    Zoom Bundles for the Home Office

    Especially in the home office, a large part of communication takes place via Zoom. To ensure that everything works smoothly , the right hardware is required that can master the special challenges of an home office environment, such as unfavorable lighting conditions or background noise.

    Our hardware recommendations for Zoom Bundles:

    • Poly Studio P5 + Poly Sync 20 – Webcam & smart Speaker
    • Poly Studio P5 + Poly Headset – Webcam & Headset
    • Poly Studio P15 – Personal Video Bar
    • Poly Studio P21 – Personal  Meeting Display
    • DTEN ME – All-in-One Personal Collaboration Device
    • Poly Sync 20 – Intelligent Speaker
    Homeoffice Grafik Zoom Bundles

    Audio Conferencing Solutions and Headsets for Zoom

    Audio Grafik Zoom Bundles

    There are not only video conferences possible with Zoom, but also audio conferences. To ensure that these can also take place without any problems, hardware such as telephones, headsets and conference phones should be adapted to the software. With our Zoom audio solutions, nothing will get in the way of a smooth conference call.

    Our hardware recommendations for Zoom Bundles:

    • Poly Blackwire Series – Headsets
    • Poly Voyager Series – Headsets
    • Poly SAVI 8200 Office – & UC-Series – Headsets
    • Poly Trio Series – Audio conferencing systems
    • Yealink CP920 und CP960 – Conference phones
    • Poly CCX Series – Business Media Phone
    • Poly VVX Series – IP Telefone
    • Yealink T5 Series – Business Phones

     Zoom Bundles in Huddle Rooms

    Huddle rooms are small meeting rooms and currently the most common type of office space. Groups of about two to four people meet here, sometimes in a very confined space. The components used must therefore be particularly well planned and optimally coordinated. This is how video conferences or small meetings become possible and successful.

    With the hardware products of Poly or AVer combined with the Zoom software it is possible to equip these small rooms perfectly for video conferencing.

    Our hardware recommendations for Zoom Bundles:

    • Poly Sync 40 -smart Speaker
    • Poly Studio USB – Video Sound Bar
    • Poly Studio X30 +TC8 Touchcontrol – All-in-One Video Bar
    • AVer VB342+ – Video Sound Bar
    Grafik Huddle Room + Zoom zertifizierte Hardware

    Zoom Bundles for Small Conference Rooms

    Grafik Huddle Room + Zoom zertifizierte Hardware

    Small conference rooms are designed for meetings with approximately three to six people. Since these rooms are usually not used exclusively for video conferences, there is often a requirement to keep the equipment compact and highly efficient. At the same time, functionality is always the focus: simple operation that is as intuitive as possible, optimal adaptability to the individual meeting room, and sharing of content of any kind are a given with all of our bundles.

    Our Zoom hardware for small rooms:

    • Poly Studi X50 + TC8 Touch Control – All-in-One Video Bar
    • DTEN D7 – All-in-One Solution for Zoom
    • Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub for Zoom + Lenovo ThinkSmart Cam – All-in-One System
    • Yealink ZVC 400 – Zoom Rooms Kit
    • Yealink A20 – Zoom Collaboration Bar

     Zoom Bundles for Medium-Sized Conference Rooms

    Grafik Mittlerer Konferenzraum + Zoom zertifizierte Hardware

    Our solutions for medium-sized conference rooms aim to enable professional cross-site meetings that come close to a physical gathering of meeting participants thanks to high-quality audio, video and content. As the number of people and room size grows, so do the requirements for performance and integration. Whether it’s an in-company meeting, a partner presentation, or a training session, all of our Zoom bundles offer the flexibility and deployment options you need.

    Our Zoom hardware bundles for medium-sized rooms:

    • G7500 Kit mit EagleEye IV-12x + TC8 Touch Control
    • DTEN D7 – All-in-One Solution for Zoom
    • Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub for Zoom + Lenovo ThinkSmart Cam – All-in-One System
    • Yealink A30 – All-in-One Collaboration Bar
    • Yealink ZVC500 – Zoom Rooms Kit
    • AVer EP65 – All-in-One Touch Panel
    • AVer VC520 Pro -Professional Conference System

    Zoom Bundles for Large Conference Rooms

    Large conference rooms serve a wide variety of usage scenarios and therefore usually require an individual design. It is possible that conference, AV or media technology is already available and should be topped up with video technology if necessary. In each scenario, the combination of technology, furniture and equipment can be designed for the desired use or effect (e.g. a representative character of the room). Typically, the requirements are very high, not only for transmission quality and room coverage. In this context, zero tolerance for errors requires particularly tested systems that have been developed for demanding environments and are appropriately reliable.

    Our hardware recommendations for Zoom Bundles:

    • Poly G7500 Kit mit EagleEye Director II + TC8 Touch Control
    • DTEN D7 – All-in-One Solution for Zoom
    • Yealink ZVC800 – Zoom Rooms Kit
    • Yealink ZVC800 Touch – Zoom Rooms Kit
    • AVer VC520 Pro – Professional Conference System
    Grafik großer Konferenzraum + Zoom zertifizierte Hardware
    Arbeitsplatz Zoom Videokonferenz

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